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Economics Summit 2017: The New Frontier

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

The SIM Economics society proudly presents its annual Flagship Event, Economics Summit 2017: THE NEW FRONTIER

The focus of the Summit this year is on the uncertainties surrounding the global economies with changing leadership as well as restructuring of economies to embrace the future.

Join us on 25th November 2017, Saturday for a day of insight, networking and knowledge as we talk about the varying issues faced by economies in different regions.

Our panel is divided into 3 categories- USA, Europe and Singapore.

Singapore Panel:

1. Mr Adrian Kemp- Founding Partner of HoustonKemp Economists

2. Mr Vikram Khanna- Associate Editor, The Business Times

3. Mr Lee Yue Jer- Director at Arcane Capital Advisors, the Founder and Trainer at Your Magnum Opus as well as the Director at Foodie Drools

USA Panel:

1. Prof. Bernard Yeung- Dean and Professor, NUS Business School

2. Prof. Danny Quah- Vice Dean and Professor, LKY School of Public Policy

3. Mr Terence Wu- Assistant Vice-President, FX Research and Strategy at OCBC Bank

Europe Panel:

1. Dr Prakash Kannan- Head of Total Portfolio Management, GIC

2. Mr Simon Littlewood- President of ACG Global

3. Mr Jeryle Yong- Capital and Liquidity Stress Test Analyst at Standard Chartered

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