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Economics Summit 2018: The Era of Change

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

The SIM Economic society proudly presents its annual Flagship Event, Economics Summit 2018: THE ERA OF CHANGE

Join us on 24th November 2018, for a day of insight, networking and knowledge as we dissect the causes and consequences of the shift in power from West to the East and the implications of Industry 4.0 on the global outlook in the upcoming years.

The agendas will be discussed by a distinguished panel of speakers from companies ranging from GIC to Bank of Singapore and Facebook.

China Panel:

1. Dr. Prakash Kannan- Head of total portfolio management GIC.

2. Amos Ong- Head of Global Banking, Maybank.

3. Simon Littlewood- Director RIABU, President ACG Global.

4. Lee Ju Yue- Economist, Maybank Kim Eng.

Industry 4.0 Panel:

1. Ajeet Kandachar- Regional Head Partner Solutions APAC, Facebook

2. Yvonne Zhang- Founder and CEO, Aquifer Institute.

3. Kent Choi- Managing Director, Bank of Singapore.

4. Adrian Kemp- Partner, HoustonKemp Economics


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