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Macro Perspective II: The Economics of Millennials (2018)

“ Hey can we grab home? Take grabshare cheaper!”

“ I am so hungry but also I need to finish this work gosh! Can we just order on food panda”

“So what do you do?” “ Oh I am a freelancer and I love making loads of DIY videos on youtube at the comfort of my home”

If you have heard of these phrases or even mentioned it yourself, then welcome to our millennial generation- Gen Z and our second edition of Macro perspective covered just that!

Our guest speaker and academic advisor, Dr Tan, came down and elaborated more on the use of technology by millennials, the rapid growth of the sharing economy and the emergence of a Gig economy.

Join us on 1st October 2018, Monday, for a day of insight, discussion and networking as we discuss everything from their spending habits, to their use of technology and even their stance on climate change!

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